Power breakdown

Owing to recent storm and heavy rains, much damage has been caused to the power supply in the industrial area of Bari Brahmana in Jammu. Power breakdown has caused serious losses to the industrial units because restoring of power has not been undertaken by the PDD on war footing. Industries located in Bari Brahmana are contributing nearly Rs 120 crore towards the cost of power supplied to industrial area but the department is not serious about the maintenance of regular power supply of the complex due to which the industrial units are suffering very badly. A meeting of  the members of   Bari Brahmana Industries Association (BBIA) was held recently under the chairmanship of  Lalit Mahajan,  president BBIA to discuss the issue regarding the disruption in the power supply to number of units for the last more than  36 hours due to damage caused to power infrastructure due to  heavy rain and wind storm. Likewise, power failure has also happened in another industrial area of Jammu namely Digiana Industrial Estate. Nearly 150 micro and small scale units located in Digiana Industrial Estate are suffering very badly due to either breakdown of power or un-scheduled power curtailment. Federation of Industries Jammu (FoIJ) has alleged that Government has miserably failed to provide better power infrastructure to the industry in Digiana area.
Power supply in Jammu is adversely affected even with a small windstorm or rains. We wonder how fragile power distribution system is in the State that there is power breakdown with minor weather change. In the case of Bari Brahmana power break down, the difficulty expressed by the sources in PDD is that poles and other material is not readily available so that power supply could be restored. It is strange that the department doesn’t have necessary store and equipment available for repairing the supply line. After all storms and vagaries of weather are nothing new to Jammu or other parts of the State. PDD has to be prepared to face any exigency and as such necessary repairing equipment has to be readily available. In any case it is of great urgency that power supply is restored in these two industrial estates and the Deputy Chief Minister who is also holding the charge of power should see to it that power supply is restored immediately.


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