Poster boys manages to tickle your funny bones

POSTER BOYS is the story of three men whose lives turn upside down for no fault of theirs. Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) is a docile school teacher, Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade) is an over enthusiastic school teacher while Jagaavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol) is the explosive but also well-mannered retired army officer. They reside in a village called Jangheti and one day, they find their pictures on a poster promoting vasectomy. They are immediately ridiculed and the trio try their best to convince their near and dear ones that they haven’t undergone the procedure and that their pictures have been wrongly used. They decide to take on the system to avenge the humiliation that they suffered. What happens next and whether they get justice forms the rest of the film.
POSTER BOYS doesn’t start on a great note. The beginning portions are stretched, with the family members and acquaintances ridiculing the trio but not telling them the reason for the same. Also the TV style flashback portions look poor. The film picks up when the trio meet each other at the bridge. From here, the film turns into a fairly entertaining ride right till the end with no dull moment anywhere. A Few scenes stand out like Jagaavar stopping Arjun and Vinay from fighting, the trio going to local health office, the interval point, Jagaavar getting a call from Riya (Tripti Dimri) at midnight, Jagaavar and Vinay fooling the doctor (Ashwini Kalsekar) etc. The climax is quite exciting and it’s praiseworthy how the makers have managed to seamlessly add a social message into the narrative.
Shreyas Talpade’s story is novel and makes for an entertaining film. Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter’s screenplay is effective overall, despite an average beginning. The fun element never stops and that is quite a feat. Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter’s dialogues are hilarious and witty and one of the highpoints of the film. Shreyas Talpade’s direction is quite good and he makes a great directorial debut. He ensures the subject isn’t dumbed down and that audiences aren’t taken for granted. Also, the way he and his team has made references to Deol brothers’ earlier films like DAMINI, SOLDIER etc. is quite smartly done.
POSTER BOYS rests on the performances of its three main actors. Sunny Deol is in top form and rocks with his action and comic timing. Even at this age, he manages to look so fit and energetic and that’s really praiseworthy. Shreyas Talpade is the surprise of the film. His character is quite interesting and he manages to entertain thoroughly. Bobby Deol falters initially but once he warms up to his character, there’s no stopping him. What also works in his favour is that he gets to play a quirky character. A great comeback, in short! Sonali Kulkarni is okay and doesn’t get much scope. Samiksha Bhatnagar (Surajmukhi) is loud, as per her character’s requirement and adds to the fun. Tripti Dimri is decent while Ashwini Kalsekar is hilarious. Ravi Jhankal (Riya’s father), Murli Sharma (health minister) and Sachin Khedekar (chief minister) are good in their small roles. Elli Avram is sizzling in her item song.
When it comes to music, ‘Kudiya Shehar Diyan’ is the most memorable track. ‘Kendhi Menoo’ is played during end credits. ‘Noor E Khuda’ is forgettable and ‘The Posterboys Anthem’ is foot tapping. Amar Mohile’s background music has a massy touch.
Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is satisfactory. Devendra Murdeshwar’s editing is simple but could have been crisper in the beginning portions. Somenath Parke’s production design is poor and doesn’t look appealing. Vikram Dahiya’s action is massy.
On the whole, POSTER BOYS manages to tickle your funny bone and also neatly embeds a social message. Sadly the lack of promotions and limited shows with odd timings may end up playing spoilsport. However the positive word of mouth may translate into decent footfalls over the weekend as well as the weekdays.
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