Post Peshawar attack: Schools in Jammu asked to enhance security

JAMMU: The school authorities here have been advised to enhance the security grid post, after Taliban attacked in a school in Peshawar in which 141 people mostly students were killed.
“In the aftermath of yesterday’s Peshawar attack, the schools have been asked to enhance the security and if possible, also install CCTVs to keep check on any unwanted and suspicious movements around,” a senior police official here said. He said the schools were already given instructions to have tight security in place to avoid any untoward like incident but after the Peshawar attack, they (Schools) have been asked to remain more alert and further tighten the security inside and around the school premises by deploying security personnel. Meanwhile, the school students and staff of various schools in Jammu today observed two minutes silence in mourning and also paid tributes to those who were killed in the attack. (AGENCIES)


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