Pompeo criticizes Biden for ‘more ambiguous’ US policy on Taiwan

Washington, Sep 27 : Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized President Joe Biden on Tuesday for making US policy on Taiwan “more ambiguous.” In his keynote speech at the inaugural Global Taiwan Business Forum in Kaohsiung, Pompeo said there were concerns in the US that the Biden administration was not as committed to Taiwan. “I think these highlight the muddled and confusing statements by President Biden. I’m confused, too. Concerning America’s true commitment to Taiwan, the ambiguity that had been American policy has now become even more ambiguous,” he said, as quoted by Focus Taiwan Pompeo also criticized the White House for not including Taiwan in its new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, saying it was “side-lining” its eighth largest trading partner for “political reasons.” Pompeo reiterated his support for the self-governed island’s sovereignty, saying Taiwan does not need to declare independence because it is already independent. He called for the US to pursue a “deeper and far more enthusiastic relationship” with Taiwan, arguing that this was part of a free 21st century, rather than a Chinese century dictated by the PRC. The trip marks Pompeo’s second trip to the country this year, following a visit in March. He will also deliver an opening speech at the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce’s annual meeting on Wednesday and visit technology companies in southern Taiwan. (Agencies)