Politics of minions

With sixty-eight years of freedom behind us and the long history of democratic experience, we expect our political leadership to have grown in maturity and dignity and become role model for budding political youth in the State. But we are sad to note that some of them have not come up to our expectation. They have been indulging in cheap rivalry and cheap politicking that do not behoove them in any case. People in Doda district have been demanding opening of two more KV schools to meet the requirement of the students in this far flung and backward region of the State. The MOS in PMO, who hails from this constituency, had moved the matter with the Union Minister of HRD who asked the then State Government to identify land for the schools. People of the locality were preparing to donate 50 kanals of land free of cost for the purpose. But alas, the then State Government poured cold water on the scheme. It rejected the scheme arguing that there was no need of opening more schools in the area. It did not supply figures of how many schools were serving and what number of population within what radius was catered. We strongly support any effort of reviving the proposal and carrying it to final stage. How can we deny the backward area people their right to education? Politics of minions should come to stop. We should have the national interests before us.


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