Political hypocrisy

It seems well amusing that at the fag end of the NC – Congress coalition rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, top Congress leaders should now discover the faults in the NC partnership and accuse them of having been responsible for their LS poll debacle in the State.
Whether Ambika Soni or now Gulam Nabi Azad and many others have started finding thorns in the coalition after having both enjoyed the fruits and the cream of the coalition rule.
Prudence demands it that immediately after a year or so after having sensed that CM Omar Abdullah was not the real choice or that he was not performing, they should have there and then quit the Government so that their credibility to some extent would have been restored. No body is going to believe them or their tantrums. They are equally rather more responsible as the NC are for non performance, corruption and non resolving of the peoples’ problems. The voters are to decide and teach the right course.
Yours etc……
Vikas Verma


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