PNBMT holds meet to decide agenda of Chetna Diwas

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 20: Prem Nath Bhat Memorial Trust (PNBMT) organized a meeting of the important activists and leading individuals of various KP organizations at Patoli Brahmna today to decide on the agenda of the Chetna Diwas and also the future course of the KP struggle for the passage of the Temples and Shrines Bill.
PNBMT has been relentlessly waging the struggle for the passage of a bill that would ensure the protection preservation and reclamation of the age old temples and shrines of Kashmir for the last more than two decades.
A large number of people from the localities around Patoli Brahmna participated in the meeting which was attended by the chairman of the trust Roshan Lal Pandita along with the important functionaries of the trust including Shadi Lal Koul Rais, HL Bhat, BL Zar, Kuldeep Raina, Sundri Lal Koul, Kashmiri Lal Bhat, Ramesh Marhatta, MM Thaploo, Dr Ramesh Raina and MK Jalali.
Prior to today’s meeting, events were also organized at Lale Da Bagh, Patoli Brahmna, Anuradha Puram Barnai and Muthi Village in which a large number of prominent members of the society from those areas participated and provided their valuable inputs to the members of the trust. In addition to the inputs on the temples bill, issues related to the PM Package Employees and permanent rehabilitation of KPs were also taken up by the members from these areas.
Chairman of the Trust Roshan Lal Pandita said that the primary agenda of the trust remains the Passage of the Temples and Shrines Bill. He said that the PNBMT waged an intensive campaign for the last more than two decades and was successful in bringing the bill on the portal of the Assembly and the day is not far when the bill would be ultimately passed.