PM writes to vaccinators lauding their efforts as India crosses 200-cr vaccine doses landmark

NEW DELHI, July 20:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to all vaccinators lauding their efforts as India crossed the COVID-19 vaccination milestone of administering 200 crore doses to its citizens.
According to official sources, Modi asserted that the coming generations will be proud of India’s achievement in fulfilling its resolve at a time of crisis following the pandemic outbreak.
Vaccinators, healthcare workers and support staff, and frontline workers have played a crucial role in protecting the people of the country, he wrote.
“Saving lives is crucial, especially during a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Our vaccinators, healthcare workers and support staff, and frontline workers have played a critical role in protecting Indians,” the prime minister wrote in the letter.
He said this is a laudable example of dedication to duty and delivering when it is most necessary.
From the coldest mountains to the hottest deserts, from faraway villages to dense forests, the COVID-19 vaccination programme has left none behind and showed that New India excels in last-mile delivery, Modi said in the letter.
“The scale and speed that India imparted to the world’s largest vaccination programme have been spectacular and this has happened due to the efforts of people like you. On this historic occasion, I applaud your contribution to India’s COVID-19 vaccination programme and appreciate you for being at the forefront of such a crucial, life-saving mission.
“The achievement of 200 crore vaccine doses showcases the strength of the democratic, compassionate and service-oriented ethos of our nation. The story of India’s courage to deliver during a crisis will be cherished by generations to come. My best wishes to you and your family! Jai Hind!” Modi said.
Vaccinators can log in to the CoWIN portal and view the appreciation letter from the prime minister in English and Hindi, an official said.
The letter can be downloaded from the link provided and shared on social media platforms from the CoWIN app itself.
According to the Health Ministry, 98 per cent of India’s adult population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine while 90 per cent have been fully vaccinated.
Also, 82 per cent of adolescents aged 15 to 18 years have been vaccinated with the first dose since the vaccination for this age group began on January 3 while 68 pc have got both doses.
Eighty-one per cent of those aged 12-14 years have taken the first dose while 56 pc in this age group are fully vaccinated. (PTI)