PM Modi meets prominent scientists in South Africa, exchange views on disease screening and future of energy

JOHANNESBURG, Aug 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met a noted geneticist and a rocket scientist in South Africa and exchanged views with them on disease screening and the future of energy and finding sustainable solutions.
Modi, who was in South Africa for a three-day visit, attended the 15th BRICS Summit and held bilateral meetings with several world leaders to further cement India’s relations with those countries.
On Thursday, Modi held engaging discussions with South African geneticist & CEO of the Academy of Science of South Africa, Dr Himla Soodyall.
They exchanged views on the domain of human genetic lines and their application in disease screening. The prime minister invited Soodyall to collaborate with Indian institutes in the field of genetics.
“Had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Himla Soodyall, a leading geneticist in South Africa. She talked about her work and her passion for science and innovation,” Modi posted on X.
Modi also had an engrossing exchange of perspectives with rocket scientist and CEO of Galactic Energy Ventures, Siyabulela Xuza.
“During our interaction, Siyabulela Xuza spoke at length about his passion for sustainable development and clean energy, especially for the Global South. He also spoke about his own innovations and passion towards science and space,” he wrote on X.
Xuza congratulated Modi on the success of India’s Moon mission Chandrayaan-3. India’s Chandrayaan-3 on Wednesday became the first space mission to make a soft landing near the south pole of the Moon.
Xuza credited Digital India for his success and highlighted his ongoing projects in India. Discussions also covered matters related to the future of energy and finding sustainable solutions. (PTI)