PM Modi calls for enhanced global cooperation to fight crimes against humanity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks during the 90th General Assembly of Interpol, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, Oct 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for an enhanced global cooperation to defeat the threats of terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, poaching and organised crimes, stating that there could be no safe havens for the perpetrators of such offences.
“When threats are global, the response cannot be just local. It is high time that the world came together to defeat these threats,” Mr. Modi said during the inaugural address at the four-day 90 th Interpol General Assembly meet. At a time when nations and societies were becoming inward-looking, India called for more international cooperation. “Global cooperation for local welfare — is our call,” he said.
Mr. Modi said India had been combating trans-national terrorism for several decades. “Long before the world woke up to it, we knew the price of safety and security. Thousands of our people made the ultimate sacrifice in this fight. But, it is no longer enough that terrorism is fought only in the physical space. It is now spreading its presence through online radicalisation and cyber threats,” he said.
“At the click of a button, an attack can be executed or systems can be brought to their knees. Each nation is working on strategies against them. But what we do within our borders is no longer enough,” said the Prime Minister. He said there was a need to further develop international strategies for setting up early detection and warning systems, protecting transportation services, securing communication infrastructure and critical infrastructure, enhancing technical and technological assistance and intelligence exchange.
Mr. Modi said corruption and financial crimes had harmed the welfare of citizens of many countries. “The corrupt find a way to park the proceeds of crime in different parts of the world…it is such money that is pushed into evil activities. This is one of the major sources of terror funding. From illegal drugs that destroy young lives to human trafficking, from weakening democracies to the sale of illegal arms, this dirty money funds many destructive enterprises,” he said.
“Such crimes against people in one place are crimes against everyone, crimes against humanity. Further, these not only harm our present but also impact our future generations. Police and law enforcement agencies need to devise procedures and protocols to increase cooperation. Interpol can help by speeding up Red Notices for fugitive offenders,” said the Prime Minister.
Appreciating the role of police as frontline responders all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said the Interpol also remained functional round-the-clock.
Mr. Modi said owing to its unique global outlook, India had been one of the top contributors in sending soldiers to the United Nations peacekeeping operations. “Thousands of Indians fought and died in the world wars. From climate targets to COVID vaccines, India has shown willingness to take the lead in any kind of crisis,” he said.
The Prime Minister said the Indian police, at the federal and State levels, cooperated to implement over 900 national and around 10,000 State laws. “Our police forces work while respecting the diversity and rights of the people promised by the Constitution. They not only protect the people but also serve our democracy. Take the scale of India’s free, fair and massive elections. Elections involve arrangements for around 900 million electors,” he said.