PM does not care about people, Covid patients: Rahul

NEW DELHI, Mar 24:
Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, alleging that he does not care about people, workers or COVID-19 patients.
He cited news reports that claimed that India saw an increased number of suicides due to an economic upheaval over the last two years and that Covid patients did not receive free treatment under the government’s “much-hyped” Ayushman Bharat scheme.
“Were Covid victims treated for free? No. Did the poor and workers get minimum income? No. Were small industries saved from sinking? No. The PM does not CARE!” Gandhi alleged in a tweet in Hindi.
He tagged reports that read: “The pandemic’s hidden cost: Suicides among Indians who lost jobs and income” and “much-hyped health insurance scheme failed to cover hospital bills”, claiming that less than 12 per cent of the hospitalised Covid patients were treated for free under Ayushman Bharat. (PTI)