PM disappointed flood-hit traders, residents: KCCI

Adil Lateef
Srinagar, Nov 9: Terming the Rs 80,000 crore package announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as jugglery of figures, the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) today said the flood-hit traders and residents have been ignored and left disappointed.
“The Rs 80,000 crore package announced by Prime Minister is jugglery of figures. We have already rejected it… We wanted immediate relief similar to what was given to Uttarakhand after floods. The Government of India had immediately come to rescue and had distributed relief,” KCCI president, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, told reporters here.
The KCCI president said the flood victims in Valley have been given nothing despite waiting for more than a year. “Inspite of immediate relief, they (Government of India) has allocated funds for the State Government for the period of five years,” he said, adding: “We would like that the Centre considers release of Rs 44, 000 crore as immediate relief which was submitted to it by State Government.”
He said an estimated Rs 1 lakh crore damage was assessed by the Chamber and other trade organizations due to floods while the United Nations Annual Disaster Statistical review has put the losses at Rs 1, 04, 000 crore, surpassing the earlier assessments.
He said the Centre has kept different heads in Rs 7854 crore allocated to State Government for the relief, flood management and disasters. They have kept it for flood management, dredging of Tawi and Jhelum rivers. We had sought micro details from them regarding how much they are going to spend on Jhelum and Tawi and how much they have kept for relief and rehabilitation. But they have not given us micro details of those Rs 7854 crores,” Wani said.
The KCCI president said the Chamber apprehends that the flood victims would not be provided anything from these Rs 7854 crore. “We believe this much amount would be spent on dredging and other things while flood hit people would be given nothing,” he said.
The KCCI hinted towards launching strike and said it would consult other trade organization to explore the options for future. “We will take on board other trade organizations to explore the options what to do as there is nothing in package. It is like rubbing salt on the wounds of affected people,” said Faiz Bakhsi, the senior KCCI member.


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