PM asks people to utilise EC’s easy voter registration process

NEW DELHI :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged people to utilise this year’s theme of ‘Easy Registration, Easy Correction’ of the Election Commission to register themselves as voters.
According to EC’s latest estimates, India now has approximately 84 crore voters as on January 5.
In his message on the occasion of National Voters’ Day, Modi greeted people and the Election Commission. The Prime Minister also congratulated all officials and all those, who will be awarded today, for their campaigns towards voter education and awareness.
“Greetings to my fellow citizens on National Voters’ Day. I also convey greetings to ECI, which was formed on this day in 1950.
He also urged people to make full use of this year’s theme of ‘Easy Registration, Easy Correction.’
“Congrats to all officials and all those who will be awarded today for their campaign towards voter education and awareness. Recent elections through the years have witnessed increased turnout, especially among women and young voters. This is a wonderful sign,” the Prime Minister said.
The poll watchdog is making all out efforts to make the process of registration and correction of details on the electoral rolls easier.
In his message to mark the fifth National Voters’Day, Chief Election Commissioner H S Brahma had last week said, in the Commission’s pursuit of “not just greater participation but complete participation,” the poll body will strive to guarantee registration of all eligible persons and facilitate voting by all who are enrolled.
For the past five years, EC is observing its day of establishment as National Voters’ Day.
“I, on behalf of the Election Commission of India, urge every citizen of this country on this day to rise to this shared responsibility…(I) appeal everyone to make it a great success by becoming an integral part of the democratic electoral process,” the CEC had said. (AGENCIES)


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