Plight of oldies

As you sow, so shall you reap is a very healthy maxim to open ears and eyes of every one to serve their parents as they like to be served by their children in turn in old age. But alas! in youth, one remains engaged in pleasure pursuits. When evening of life comes, and one gets inflicted with multiple ailments, feels totally abandoned by kith and kins for whom one had been sweating hard. Here, one weeps in solitude and repents deeply. Death never comes by desire and thus, the tail of old age becomes an unending tale of life. Putting up with oldies is generally unpleasant. Staying near a cremation ground is preferred than to be with old parents. Lack of spiritual and moral training have made our children immoral and lawless citizens.
Crisis of character is the gravest problem. Inspiring moral values in children is the only panacea for eradication of ills in the society. Where have the son like Sarvan kumara gone who had joyfully carried his blind old parents on shoulders to pilgrimage to fulfil their desire. Old age homes prove beyond doubt how ill treated oldies seek shelter in such homes to pass evenings of their life. It is tragedy of the time that even educated children fail to discharge their moral and social duties. Extreme materialism and self- centredness makes one greedy and debars one from being a good human-being. Until the virtues like kindness, honesty, love and dedication aren’t woven by true education, the purpose of attaining even higher qualification miserably fails. So, need for cultivation and inculcation of moral and ethical values, can’t be over emphasised. Cultivating personal humility helps dissolve conflicts and miseries in life and it goes to oldies also.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)