Plea to Speaker over order banning vehicle use by ex-MPs

NEW DELHI, June 13:  A strong plea has been made to Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar to go into a “petty order” prohibiting former MPs from using Parliament vehicles meant for sitting members.
“I was shocked to see a notice by some Parliament officer that ex-members were not allowed to use the vehicles meant for MPs any more. This is derogatory and insulting to those who served Parliament as people’s representatives for decades,” former CPI(M) member Hannan Mollah said.
Mollah, who was member of Lok Sabha for 30 years, wrote to the Speaker to look into the matter as “very few ex-MPs come to Delhi occasionally, for medical treatment at Parliament House Annexe or for pension at SBI Parliament House or to go to the Central Hall to meet their old colleagues.”
Noting that they were “not a huge number and most of them are very senior or old”, he wanted Kumar to look into the matter as “every MP is prospective ex-MP and their dignity should not be lowered by such a petty order.”
Former Congress MP Wasim Ahmed also supported the plea of Mollah. (PTI)


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