Plea to Education Minister

This is to draw the attention of the State Education Minister and the Commissioner Secretary Education towards pending seniority lists of masters to be appointed as lecturers. After verification of degrees by the Education Department, it was expected that promotion lists will be released in no time. Almost two years have passed since the verification process was initiated. The would – be-lecturers have been anxiously waiting for the same, but till date these lists are nowhere in site. It generally happens with the State employees whose cases are to be dealt by Secretariat. The employees wait anxiously Secretariat to open after being shifted from either Jammu or Srinagar.
At the end of  move, people are told that after opening of Secretariat cases be will taken in hand. But that never happens. After mathematics, and political science, philosophy, no other seniority list of any other subject has been released so far. The Secretariat will close here after some days. And no list is expected to be released by then.
The aspirants have to wait for opening of Secretariat now. It will take at least one full month for Secretariat to function fully. One wonders whether these lists will even be released in Srinagar due to disturbances in the Valley. One also does not know whether these lists will ever be released during our service period.
Yours etc…
Amit Kumar


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