Play ‘Dak Ghar’ staged

A scene from the Play ‘Dak Ghar’.
A scene from the Play ‘Dak Ghar’.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 27: Samooh theatre group staged Dogri adaptation of Gurudev Rabindernath Tagore’s ‘Dak Ghar (a flight…)’ Directed by Ravinder Sharma at Natya Utsav in memory of late Kavi Rattan Sharma.
The play revolves around a dying boy Amal who is confined to his room because of an incurable disease. He looks out from window at milk man of the village near hills, a little girl with a basket of flowers, a watchman, cruel Lamberdar and a postman who brings letters from the king.
He talks and makes friend with them all despite their ages and backgrounds.
With the passage of time, Amal awaits letter from the king which comes at last, carried by the king’s own messenger, the Royal Physician. He put the boy beyond the touch of all earthly pain. The moment of death of Amal is the moment of his union with the king.
Actors who performed in play were Sandeep Manhas, Neeraj Sethi, Ravinder Sharma, Sakshav Raina, Ajay Tamangh, Chetan Charak, Vinay Sharma, Shiv Bhora, Ritika Singh, Kousar Chandpuri, Rohan Singh, Ayushi Bhat, Kartavya Singh, Shubham and Devanshu Raina.
Choreography of the play was done by Rohit Bains, Light were designed by Ravinder Sharma and operated by Sunil Sharma and Shubam Nag, set was designed by Sandeep Thakur and Samdhish, Costumes were designed by Princy Bhat while Anita Chandpuri looked after whole production.


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