Plants decor

Ashok Gupta
Decor means decoration of house with objects and home decor include such items as curtains, sofa sets, cushions,craft products decorative wrought iron products inside and outside,but there is little reference to Plants which with the changing scenario have become equally or rather more important than sofa sets,wrought iron furniture,curtains etc.
First plant decor shop was created by two brothers in Southern California who were literally born in the nursery industry and felt the importance of plants decor.Even the architects and interior designers ignore the importance of plants, they usually recommend costly crafts items to be kept outside and inside the home but not ornamental plants. This might be due to their ignorance or they do not want to recommend less costly items to their clients and feel below their status.
But now the things have changed. People have started asking for plants decor. There are a number of reasons to include healthy dose into any and every room of your home. Beyond their aesthetic value having plants into your home reduces toxins in air, improve the air quality and add varied aromatherapy benefits that particular plants can have.
These benefits range from lowering blood pressure to energising the mind and encouraging the more healthful sleep.
Surprising benefits: Purify air , helps in improving mood and refreshing the mind Improves mental health, Increases humidity and regulates the temperature, reduces background noise, help to fight cold and allergies.
Tips to add plants in modern interior houses
* Analyse the space:-The first step in adding plants in the interior decor to understand the weakest and strongest points of the space you have
* Choose the style :- You have to add the plants in the decor to suit the style of the room.
* Using large plants :- Large Plants make an impact in the room and have maximum effect.It is really important to choose a pot that goes with your design and will make a big difference and create the look and feel you desire.
* Using small plants:- Small plants look beautiful in interiors.Due to their versatile and low maintenance they can be adjusted in rooms as you desire.
After analysing the space you can add different types of plants with different effects and benefits as per your requirements.
Best indoor plants that purifies the air around you:-Arica palm, ? plants,Spider Plant,Rhapis Plant,Evergreens,Hedera helix,Sensevaria.
Plants that fill your bathroom with green energy and absorb moisture:-Asparagus, Dracenea chlorophytum, Ferns
Plants to keep your office clean and green:-Rosemary, lucky bamboo, hedra helix lavender, Orchid, pipramint Jasmine
Plants in the bed room, helps in having sound sleep:-Hedra helix,Sensevaria, peacelily Plant,Gardenia, Arica palm,pothos,
Bonsai and other rare plants:- you can display Bonsai and other rare plants in your drawing rooms on special occasions
Plants add beauty and freshness to indoor and outdoor spaces.Interior and outdoor plants decoration provides a pleasant and tranquil environment where you can work, relax and live and there are also various health benefits that accompany the aesthetic pleasure.