Petrol Tankers Union asks Govt to hike passenger fare

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr, 26: Jammu and Kashmir Oil & LPG Tank Truck Drivers and Cleaners Union, the representative body of Petroleum Tankers and trucks today asked the Jammu and Kashmir Government to consider the genuine demand of the Passenger Transporters who are seeking 50 percent hike in passenger fare as the Government have put a cap of only 50 percent seat occupation due to COVID restrictions.
Ranjit Singh Raina, the president of the Union said that the transport sector in J & K is going through the worst phase and the people associated with the trade are facing existence crisis due to poor policies of the Government and heavy taxes on the sector.
The Union president said for several days, the passenger transporters of J & K are on strike demanding genuine hike of 50 percent in proportion to 50 percent passenger occupation but no Government officer even bothered to talk to them, this is height of arrogance. The innocent people are also suffering but the Baabus remain adamant.
Raina said the Oil & LPG Tank Truck Drivers Union fully supported the agitation of the passenger transporters and request the Government to concede the genuine demands of the transporters. He also demanded tax relaxation and insurance curtailment of all commercial vehicles.