Permission for purchasing property

Kindly refer to the news report “Govt employees asked to get permission before purchasing property” DE April 25. In this context, I as a citizen of the State welcome the directive of the Government issued in terms of section 12 (1) of J&K Public Men and Public Servants read with Declaration of Assets and other provisions of the Act 1983/ sub section (2) of section 12/section 14 and section 2 that no public servant shall in his own name of family member acquire or transfer any immovable property unless he  has obtained post facto permission in writing from the prescribed/concerned authority because by this way all will come to know that from which source the money has come but, on the other hand, I fail to understand as to why this directive is only for Government employees and not for others including ministers, legislators etc. Since the Government does not govern the Government employees only but the general masses also.
Therefore, I suggest to the Government that the post facto permission for purchase, sale and transfer of immoveable property must be made mandatory for all irrespective of any status but not only for the Government employees in the best interest of the general public.
Yours etc…
Ashok K Koul Lalpuri
45 Ajeet Colony, Extn
Gole Gujral, Jammu


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