People rue lack of public transport from Lal Chowk, stage protest

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Dec 27: Scores of commuters staged a protest in the evening against the non-availability of public transport from Lal Chowk to Brien, Nishat and other adjoining areas.
The people, who were left with no option, but to protest, said that they are suffering from the want of proper transport to their respective areas throughout the day, and they said, it gets quite difficult for them, especially in the evening.
“We have to run from Ghanta Ghar to Regal Chowk almost every evening and despite that, we do not get the proper transportation to take us home,” said Waheed Ahmad, one of the protesters who said he was waiting for sumo for nearly an hour.
The protestors said that the authorities are not providing proper space to the sumo drivers from where they could operate due to which they are not adhering to one track so that the commuters who are intending to reach home at the end of the day.
“The authorities must address the issue which we are facing for quite a time; they talk of making it easy and hassle-free for the public, but the reality is that people like us are facing hardships every day,” the protestors said.
The protestors, who included several women as well, said that it gets difficult for them to run after the sumos to secure a seat every day.
“This is happening in the city centre and even after that, nobody is taking note of the issue; there is a need for making sure that the transport remains available for people on every route till late in the evening,” the commuters demanded.