People have given farewell to Cong, NC, PDP: Modi

SEA OF HUMANITY: Unprecedented crowd at MA Stadium in Jammu during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
SEA OF HUMANITY: Unprecedented crowd at MA Stadium in Jammu during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, Dec 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called upon the electorates in remaining 20 Assembly constituencies of Jammu region that go to polls on December 20 to make it a point of prestige for them that not even a single seat goes to any other political parties including Congress, NC and PDP and urged the people to wipe out the Congress from political map of the State just like the Lok Sabha polls, where the Congress couldn’t get even the status of an opposition party.
Addressing unprecedented public rallies of about over one lakh people at MA Stadium and more than 50,000 at Sangerh, Mandli in Billawar (Kathua) today, his ninth and last in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, Modi said time has come for the people to take revenge with Congress, which has subjected Jammu to discrimination for past 30 years by conniving with NC and PDP and elect all 20 MLAs of the BJP in the final phase of polling to make strong, stable and effective BJP Government in Jammu and Kashmir, which will undo the injustice meted out to Jammu region and do justice with all three regions.
Describing the Congress as “mother of all problems and miseries” faced by the people of Jammu region, the Prime Minister in his 40 minutes address each to both the rallies said it was time to say good-by to the Congress and ensure that its candidates didn’t manage to win even a single seat in the remaining phase.
“You have experienced last 30 years full of problems. Development has come to a standstill. Corruption is at its peak. Misgovernance and dynasty rule have destroyed dreams of the youth. Time has now come for freedom from the three political parties (Congress, NC and PDP), who have brought all the ills to Jammu and Kashmir and vote BJP Government to power with full majority,” Modi said.
Referring to statements of NC, Congress and PDP leadership recently that BJP will not get even a single seat from Kashmir, Modi said: “when I read the statements of NC, PDP and Congress these days, I feel astonished about them (for the regional bias)”.
“These parties are resorting to statements that BJP will not get even a seat from Kashmir. Why this use of language of discrimination? Why use of this language of separating Kashmir from Jammu. Is their behaviour right?” Modi asked.
The Prime Minister said that these parties will be wiped out even from Kashmir and Ladakh.”Does it suit these parties to speak of a regional divide in terms of Ghati (the Kashmir Valley) and the Jammu region? I must tell these leaders that the people of the State have sealed their political future,” he said.
Raking up the alleged discrimination with the Jammu region, Modi said:”I was listening to the people about the discrimination being meted out to them by ‘Kashmir-centric’ parties during my previous visits here as party leader.
“Their problems and step-motherly treatment given to them by Kashmir-centric rulers are genuine. The people should teach these parties a lesson in the final 20 seats, make the BJP Government and we will undo the injustice and discrimination,” he added.
“All the previous Governments have discriminated with Jammu, denied rights to people of Jammu. Previous Governments behaved as if it was not part of J&K,” he asserted.
The Prime Minister appealed to the people of Jammu region, from where 20 seats are going to the poll in the last phase, to ensure that none of the “Kashmir-centric” parties are able to open an account.
He urged people to break all the previous records of voting and give a befitting reply to gun by pressing the buttons of EVM machine.
Modi said:”I want to tell them they will not figure even in Kashmir and Ladakh. People have given them (Congress, NC and PDP) the farewell.
“It is only wait of the results, the people have sealed the future of these parties”.
Seeking vote from people of Jammu, the Prime Minister said:”I have come here specially to urge the voters of Jammu’s 20 seats that I have to challenge your self-esteem (swabhimaan). I have come to challenge your inner consciousness. I want to tell you (Jammu people) to reply to those who say that in Kashmir Valley you (BJP) will not get even a single seat, you tell them (NC, PDP and Cong) that you will not get a single seat in the 20 seats here.”
Hitting out at Congress, Modi asked:”who have done maximum loss to Jammu. It is Congress. Congress emerges victorious in Kashmir but damages cause and interests of the Jammu region”.
“They (Congress) entered into trade with Kashmir and parties like NC and PDP. It is time to tell them do not damage the cause of Jammu region. Whoever among NC, PDP gets more seats, Congress supports them. They (Cong) have always misled the people of Jammu and traded their votes with Kashmir,” Modi said.
“Congress finds no takers in Kashmir and Ladakh but they continue to get feed from Jammu. They are intruders. They intrude into every Government (for sake of power)–whether it is NC or PDP.
“They fight elections separately because they want to mislead the people of Jammu by becoming the commander-in-chief of NC and PDP. They have become contractors for NC and PDP,” he said.
“Congress has used shoulders of Jammu people to destroy the future of Jammu and Kashmir. For this, Jammu people should be angry, that those, who have sold the interest of the region should not be given any more opportunities”.
Asking people to punish Congress, Modi said: “punishment is the only remedy to bring a spoil child on right path.”
He said that BJP has emerged as a “credible” option for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, even as he held “lack of alternatives”, as the reason behind the low turnout in the previously held elections in the State.
“Earlier people here had to elect between two parties, so there was low voting turnout but now they have a credible alternative (BJP) so they are coming out in large number to vote for BJP,” he said.
The Prime Minister further claimed that the three parties that were “party to the Government” earlier would become a “part of history shortly”.
“As people had to choose only between the two parties there was lack of enthusiasm in them, but now they have a strong and credible alternative in the form of BJP and they will make the earlier ruling parties a part of history,” he said.
“Valley residents are with you and they too have stood to end this corrupt regime, now the time has come when the power is in the hands of people of Jammu in remaining 20 seats, you need to show doors to the people who formed the Government with the objective to loot,” he said.
Asserting that he was well aware of the problem of discrimination done to Jammu region by the previous Governments, the Prime Minister said even when he used to visit this region as party worker every time the people talked that the State Government has been meting out discrimination to Jammu.
“I used to listen about injustice and discrimination with the region. The people have grievances. The successive Governments have not done justice to them. Even people around Dal lake in Srinagar complained of discrimination with some areas. This discriminatory policies pursued by NC, Congress and PDP needed to be overcome. Give us mandate for stable and absolute majority Government and we will do justice with all regions,” he declared amidst applause and cheers from the crowd, which seem to have gone out of control during speech of the Prime Minister as they kept on cheering and shouting slogans of `Modi-Modi’.
Modi said that the people in all the three regions have similar grievances.
“When earlier I worked at the organisational level of the party in Jammu, people here used to tell me that their region faced discrimination from the Kashmir centric political parties, but when I went to Kashmir people there told me that the Government does not spend money even in some of the areas of Kashmir,” Modi said.
The Prime Minister appealed the people to give a clear mandate to BJP to end this regional discrimination.
“Only a strong and decisive BJP Government can provide equal opportunity of development to the residents of all the three regions of the State including Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh,” Modi said.
Modi said discrimination and injustice is in the DNA of Congress and alleged that the party works for a fractured mandate in Jammu and Kashmir to take benefit of a “weak” Government in the State by offering its support.
“Injustice and discrimination is embedded in their (the Congress) DNA as they always work on an agenda to have a weak Government in Jammu and Kashmir. They work for a fractured mandate so that they can offer their support and take benefit after becoming a part of the Government in the State,” he added.
The Prime Minister said that the common people in the State were the innocent victim of Congress’ “game plan” to stay in power.
Blaming Congress for discrimination with Jammu region, the Prime Minister said the Congress has always sold the interests of Jammu region to National Conference and PDP by siding with them turn-by-turn for the lust of power. Reiterating his charge describing Congress as `Guspaithia’ (intruder), he asserted that the Congress contests every election along but then join NC and PDP in the Government formation and sold interests of Jammu.
“This is the right time now to ensure that the Congress didn’t get even a single seat in the remaining phase. Wipe out this party from political arena of the State just like the people of the country, who not only ousted it from the power but didn’t even leave it as an opposition party so that it was taught a lesson for selling out interests of Jammu and pursuing discrimination with Jammu,” Modi said, adding the two parties (NC and PDP) have destroyed future of Jammu using shoulders of the Congress.
“You give the BJP all 20 seats in remaining fifth phase and we will ensure a stable BJP Government in Jammu and Kashmir with absolute majority, which will have development as the only agenda,” he declared drawing an instant response of `Yes’ from the surging crowd.
Modi said Jammu region has vast potential in tourism but it has been ignored by the State Governments, which failed to tap it.
“Jammu has huge potential of tourism but there has been no increase in tourism. Should tourism increase in Jammu or not? Who is responsible for not promoting tourism in Jammu? He asked in his typical style as the crowd responded saying `Congress’.
“If the son does something wrong, he is punished by the mother and not offered sweets. Similarly, it is the time now to punish Congress by not voting for it. If you punish the Congress, it will improve. If you offer sweets (votes) to the party again, it will continue to pursue discrimination with Jammu,” he said and declared that the BJP Government will tap tourism potential in the State in such a manner that right from auto rickshaw and taxi operator to `channa walla’ and hotel owners are benefited and employment opportunities are generated.
Noting that development is solution to all problems and miseries faced by Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said the opportunity was knocking at the doors of people to boost economy of the State, tap tourism potential and generate employment opportunities.
“Every people among 125 crore Indians want to visit Jammu and Kashmir once in their life. There is huge tourism potential but the previous Governments have done nothing either to increase flow of tourists in the State or tap more areas of tourist interests. We will do both. Bring more tourists and develop more areas for tourism, which will not only benefits the tourist trade but lead to more job opportunities,” the Prime Minister said amidst cheers from the crowd.
He said that in Jammu and Kashmir, tourism was only restricted to Dal lake, whereas many tourist destinations in the Jammu region were neglected.
“In this State, tourism is restricted to only Dal lake, whereas so many tourist destinations in Jammu region continue to remain neglected. In the past 30 years tourist have stopped visiting Dal lake also. The need of the hour is to develop tourist destinations in Jammu region also so that it helps create employment for the people here,” Modi said.
He said that the voters in Jammu region must unite and vote in large number for BJP candidate so that the Congress foothold in the State is weakened.
“Even if the temperature continues to drop, you people have to come out in large number to vote. You have to shake the foothold of Congress by throwing them out of the State,” Modi added.
He said that his Government was committed to provide employment to the youth of the hilly areas so they don’t have to leave their homes in search of employment opportunities outside the State.
Modi described dynastic politics as a “termite” that eats away the foundations of democracy.
Holding corruption, bad governance and nepotism responsible for the problems being faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he said dynastic politics was the root cause of all these problems.
“Dynastic politics is a termite that eats away the foundation of democracy,” he said.
The Prime Minister said the people should vote for BJP to end the father-son and father-daughter rule in the State. “The people want to get rid of Congress, NC and PDP. They have decided to vote the BJP to power. They want to end dynasty and family politics for ever, which was root cause of the problems in the State,” he added.
“Are your children not capable, don’t they deserve to hold important positions,” Modi asked the crowd drawing an impressive response. “You people have to elect BJP so as to end this father-son, father-daughter rule forever and give your own children a chance,” he said.
Modi charged that the previous Governments in the State were not concerned about the youth, as they were busy with their own children.
“The earlier Governments were busy with their own children, now it’s time for you people to send them home permanently so that they can take care of their family. Give all 20 remaining seats in the Jammu region to BJP so that they are punished for the next 50 years,” Modi said.
He said only democracy has the power that can give equal opportunity to the youth of the State.
“This is the power of democracy in BJP that a tea seller is now the Prime Minister of the country, the power lies in your vote,” he said.
The Prime Minister stressed that the ongoing elections in the State were aimed at empowering democracy and people should not vote on the basis of caste or creed.
“People have to rise above caste, creed and nepotism and should vote for development. You rely on caste and creed when you seek a match (for marriage) in your family, but in elections you elect a representative who can give you development and fulfill the promises made to the people,” Modi said.
“Caste and religion don’t work when you seek a job, but development does,” he said.
Modi said the common people don’t want gold or big bungalows, but basic facilities.
“What did you people ask the Government to give, you asked for employment for your kids, education, roads leading up to the villages, medicines for sick, but you were denied of all these things,” he said, adding 60 years have passed but the people of the state have received nothing from successive Governments.
Modi said that the entire world wants to visit India to see this country and said that his Government has relaxed visa rules by issuing visa on arrival to several countries.
“The entire world wants to visit India, they want to see this country. For this we have relaxed the visa rules and decided to issue visa-on-arrival, so that people who need to come here do not have to spend six months in the documentation process,” Modi said while adding: “to take such steps required courage.”
Terming the ongoing Assembly elections as “game changer”, Modi said that the huge turnout of the voters during the polling have even surprised the global political pundits.
“Not only the political pundits who sit in television studios in the evening are surprised, but the global political pundits are surprised to see the huge voter turnout in the State. Earlier they rejected the polls by saying that only 10 or 12 per cent people voted, but they are now awestruck to see more than 70 per cent polling,” he said.
Charging previous Governments with doing injustice with refugees, Modi assured that his Government will address all issues of all refugees, who have settled in the State since 1947.
Referring to floods and his Diwali visit to Srinagar, the Prime Minister said the Central teams under the supervision of MoS in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh did a lot of rehabilitation works and came to rescue of the people, who were badly affected and the State Government was doing nothing for them.
“Our teams headed by Dr Singh did a commendable job in the flood and provided relief to the people,” he said.
He reiterated that the entire world has today recognized the power of India not because of Modi but 125 crore Indians behind him, who had voted a strong and stable Government at the Centre. “When a world leader shakes hands with Modi, he doesn’t see me, he sees the power of 125 crores Indians behind me,” he said and hoped that the people would vote a similar stable Government in Jammu and Kashmir and the State would also get recognition at the national level.
“The time has come to change future of Jammu and Kashmir. Entire world is surprised by the massive turnout you have recorded in four phase of elections. All records of past 40 years have been broken. I hope in the last phase of 20 seats in Jammu, the people will break more records,” he said.
Describing `Jan Dhan Yojana’ scheme as powerful weapon in the hands of poor, he said 9 crore poor people, who hadn’t seen even the banks have opened their accounts and deposited Rs 7000 crores with the banks. “The scheme will benefit the people a lot,” he said.
Lauding blessings and love showered on him by the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said he would return it with interest by resorting to massive development of the State. “I promise to return love showered by you on me with interest. We will do such a development in Jammu and Kashmir that people will remember it”.
Referring to the BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha polls, Modi said, “country’s people have done a great job. They have thrown out Congress not only from the Governance but also from opposition.”
“Democracy has the power that even poor people voice is being heard. Your sorrows are mine and your problems are mine. I will return the love you have given to me with interest by ensuring development,” he said.
“Today, the world is watching Jammu and Kashmir with surprise that what has happened to people of the State. The polling that has taken place in JK, whether it is Ladakh or in Kashmir, has broken all records. The record of last 40 years has been broken,” Modi said.
He appealed the people of the region to break all the previous records of polling in the last phase.
“Do it and the world will salute you,” the Prime Minister said.
Modi said: “If someone is misleading you to have trust in AK-47 rifle, people of Jammu should show them that finger pressing EVM machine has more power than the finger on trigger.”


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