People are on mission to secure 3rd term for Modi: Vibodh

BJP general secretary, Vibodh Gupta addressing a party meeting at Sunderbani on Saturday.
BJP general secretary, Vibodh Gupta addressing a party meeting at Sunderbani on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent

SUNDERBANI, Apr 6: In a scathing attack on the INDI Alliance, BJP Jammu and Kashmir general secretary and former MLC, Vibodh Gupta accused the coalition of shielding corrupt leaders and prioritizing selfish motives in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Speaking at a public gathering in Sunderbani, Gupta highlighted the stark contrast between the transformative initiatives led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the opportunistic strategies of the opposition. Gupta emphasized, “There is no competition for BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The people of the country wholeheartedly support PM Modi due to the positive impact of his initiatives, which have significantly transformed their lives. Even the opposition’s main agenda is to thwart BJP from securing more than 400 seats. Congress and INDI Alliance are not contesting this election for the country but for saving their corrupt leaders,” he added.
Expressing confidence in the BJP’s electoral win in Jammu and Kashmir, Gupta asserted that the party would secure thumping majorities in the Union Territory’s Lok Sabha seats.
He emphasized that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are on a mission to support Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s return for a third term, thereby strengthening their ongoing battle against corruption and terrorism perpetuated by successive governments affiliated with the National Conference (NC), PDP, and Congress. Vibodh also underscored the ideological clash between the NDA and the INDI Alliance. He asserted NDA as the flag bearer of transformative governance, championing the cause of good governance, integrity, and development, while accusing the INDI Alliance of harbouring the ideology of corrupt and dynastic leaders.
Speaking on the occasion, senior BJP leader and Prabhari of Nowshera-Sunderbani, Sanjay Baru, highlighted the transformative policies and visionary leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He emphasized that the Modi Government has achieved numerous milestones across various sectors, including railways, healthcare, sports, education, business, and many more. Baru also underscored the Government’s commitment to inclusive development and its efforts to empower every section of society through innovative schemes and initiatives. He encouraged people’s continued support for the Government’s agenda to propel India towards greater progress and prosperity.