Peace with Pakistan

This  has reference to the news item ‘Do you want real peace or just peace talks? DE May 21.
Holding talks for the sake of talks has not yielded any result so far. India has, time and again, made endeavours to promote peace with Pakistan, but Pak army has never allowed peace talks to fructify.
Instead, Pakistan is trying to destabliize India by promoting terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of India. Pakistan is constantly looking for excuses to escalate tension between the two countries. Recent example being the detention of Kulbhushan Jadav, on Ex Naval Officer on the pretext of being a spy. The two countries can’t talk to each other  unless there is an earnest desire to do so. It takes two to tango  to build a relationship.
Pakistan has been complaining to the world that India is not interested in talks, which is not true. India is for peace and no war. But when pushed to wall, it will not hesitate to go for war and that too  a decisive one.
However, before doing so India will exhaust all options to have friendly relations with Pakistan.
Yours etc…
Channi Himmat


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