PDP disapproves Pak stand on Speaker

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Aug 9:  The ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today said Pakistan’s line of thinking that Jammu and Kashmir Assembly or its Speaker has no legitimacy will not help in addressing the issues or creating an atmosphere of peace in the State.
“We do not agree with this that the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly or its Speaker has no legitimacy. In fact, this is the only legitimately elected body of representatives who have the right to talk,” PDP spokesman Naeem Akhtar told reporters here.
Apparently referring to separatists, Akhtar, who is also a Minister in the PDP-BJP Government said, others who talk on Kashmir issue only represent an idea and have a point of view, but we (legislators) have a democratically elected character.
“So, no one can say that we are no ones. We disapprove of that and we do not accept that,” he said, when asked his reactions on Special Adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on foreign affairs and national security, Sartaj Aziz’s statement that Kashmir was a “disputed territory and Pakistan does not recognise its Assembly.”
Akhtar said, that does not have any bearing on our legitimacy, the whole world knows that we are legitimately elected through a free and fair election in which about 80 per cent people participated.
“Pakistan has a point of view, our country has a point of view, our party too has a point of view and then others as well have a point of view. But within that entire debate, the fact lies that I am a democratically elected representative.”
The PDP leader said some people also raise questions over the State legislature, but Aziz’s comments were not acceptable and not right as well.
“We (legislators) have come with 80 per cent votes. If someone says that we are not legitimate, then I do not think it is correct. This line of thinking won’t help in addressing the issue or creating an atmosphere of peace,” he said.


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