PCI India Reimagines Itself to be Future Ready


NEW DELHI, Dec 1: Project Concern International (PCI) India, a not-for-profit organisation working with marginalised communities in India since 1998, announced a brand transformation today by unveiling a bold new vision, mission, core values and logo. This comes as a part of its wider organisational transition that was initiated last year, as PCI India approaches the completion of 25 years of work in 2023.
Over the decades, PCI India has evolved into an organisation with deep community connect as it designs evidence-based and measurable programmes. It has been driving interventions at scale to transform the lives of communities by partnering with governments, private sector, and development organisations to solve complex social issues. It is also recognised for providing high-quality technical assistance to both national and state governments. “In the process of our evolution, we reached a point of realisation where we collectively envisioned PCI India as a future-oriented organisation that can adapt its structure, systems and ethos with the fast-changing, post-pandemic world,” said Indrajit Chaudhuri, CEO & County Director, PCI India, while explaining the genesis of ‘Reimagine PCI India’.
PCI India’s new vision, mission, and core values build on its immense legacy while allowing it to greatly increase its ambition to expand the scale of its work and resulting impact. These will also help PCI India to reimagine and scale up its unparalleled technical capabilities to support governments at the national and state levels.
Its ambitious new vision is “A happy, healthy, safe and sustainable world for all” as it aspires to bring such a world into reality. The new mission of a transformed PCI India states that, “Rooted in community realities, we co-create and scale sustainable solutions to complex development problems.” Moreover, it has reframed its six core values as: Excellence, Boldness, Collaboration, Integrity, Creativity and Respect.
Its dynamic new brand and logo provide a fitting tribute to PCI India’s excellence in delivering impact at scale across the country.
PCI’s new logo signifies infinity (with letters ‘p’ & ‘c’ connected in a loop), exemplifying the endless possibilities for addressing complex social issues. The letter ‘I’ is topped by the shape of a blazing torch, signifying knowledge and underlines PCI India’s renewed ambition to be a thought leader in every domain that it works in.
The solid bold font used in the new logo is a sign of its courage and resolve to tackle complex social problems, while the use of small case signifies humility and respect – the two integral aspects of the core values of PCI India.
“A reimagined ‘PCI India of tomorrow’ will be future-ready, helping us to continue reaching out to and transforming millions of lives even more effectively,” said Chaudhuri.
PCI India is a not-for-profit organisation, working in India since 1998. Its programmes are designed to transform the lives of the most underserved and marginalised communities in a sustainable way. It is currently active in 14 states with 22 programmes that have reached out to more than 15 million people last year.
Read more: www.pciglobal.in .