Passionate poetry

O P. Sharma
Name of Book : Strings of Gold
Author : Dr. Kailash Sharma
A book entitled “Strings of Gold”, containing 153 poetic compositions in English by Dr. Kailash Sharma has recently hit the market. Dr. Sharma, who has served in the Indian Army for some years-and holds Ph.D degree in English besides having qualified B.Ed has flair for writing poetry. He has to his credit a number of books based on his experience and literary creativity.
Emotions Given Expression
“Strings of Gold” contains some of the significant English poems like : Knowledge of Power, Significance of Moral Education, Glory of Teaching Profession, Courage and Valour, Vision, APJ- India in 2020 , My World Hard Times, Paradise Again, Life is a Challenge , Life- An Examination, Nature, Tagore- The Crownless King of Kings , Do not Quit, Inner Voice, Indian Soldiers (In Siachin Glacier), My India, Never Lose Hope , The ABC of Happiness and She Walks in Beauty. Few other poems like “Change-A Law of Nature, Work is Worship, Lead O !,Lead On!, To Be or Not To Be and the Science Behind Your Smile “also make the poetic collection interesting and absorbing.
A stanza from the poem, “Terrorism follows:
Terrorism is the world’s enemy of mankind
Terrorists are half mad and fully blind
They take the innocent lives for the personal sake
They are immoral, inhuman and rake
Certainly, the above theme speaks for itself highlighting the horror and harms of terrorism across the globe. Mankind should crush it completely to usher in an era of peace, progress and prosperity.
Interesting Reading
The poetry of Dr. Kailash Sharma bears his unique mark and it is mostly meaningful and educative for the readers.
I have gone through this book of poetry collection and found it interesting. This 161-page book is printed on a fine paper with quality printing but has been priced at a high level.


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