Pakistan’s naked and blunt support to terror in Kashmir

A bit of peep into the historicity of how Pakistan wanted to forcefully grab Kashmir is not only evident by its sending armed tribesmen along with its regular army in plain clothes in 1947 but how on getting defeated by the Indian Army and totally rejected by the people, they tried various ways of subterfuge including acts of sabotage, spreading hatred, falsehood and malicious propaganda on a continuous pattern leading to sowing the seeds of terrorism which appeared in horrendous form in 1989-90. Now that the present dispensation has made it clear that no kid gloves or any sort of fastidiousness would be the form of any response from India to the drama of showing the olive branch by Pakistan, day in day out , it is getting exposed in respect of its blunt , naked and open support to terror and terror related violence in Kashmir. Indian diplomatic offensive has smoothened the otherwise hazy process of proving innocents’ blood on Pakistan’s hands as a result of extending military, financial, logistical and moral cum religious support to terrorism in Kashmir.
Pakistan has very recently got yet another diplomatic drubbing in proper magnitude from India at the 41st session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations at Ganeva as it exposed Pakistan’s chanting of ‘self determination’ for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as being in reality that country’s state sponsored cross- border terrorism and extending military , financial and logistic support to terrorism against India. From whom is the threat looming large always against the life and property of the people in Jammu and Kashmir except from the consequences of the active promotion of cross border terrorism by Pakistan as terrorism was its instrument of State policy, has now been understood more clearly than before, by the world community.
These bare facts of the entire gamut of the spilling of blood of the innocents in the affected state were made known recently , exercising the ‘first right of reply’ by India under Agenda 3 at the said session of the UN. Again, who could portray comparatively better India’s position vis-a-vis the involvement of Pakistan in Kashmir by a other person other than the one who has seen , observed and verified all about Pakistan’s involvement excepting by the likes of Vimarsh Aryan , the First Secretary , an officer of Indian Foreign Services who had earlier himself actively served in Jammu. There could be no contesting by Pakistan to what Aryan’s spilling beans of the entire structure and edifice created by that country all about Kashmir which was aptly termed as ‘wishful thinking’ by him . The world could not be misled, let alone deceived by false and fanciful narratives on human rights . That country needs to go in for self introspection in respect of how basic human rights of the religious minorities were not only denied to them but they were systematically decimated .
Calling the bluff of Pakistan for not wasting the time of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, the so called right to ‘self determination’ as espoused by Pakistan posed unimaginable dangers to several countries in the world where a blend of different faiths and multi ethnic societies lived and peacefully coexisted , was duly conveyed in the UN session. This flawed notion of self determination floated with medieval and exclusive ambitions based on obscurantist premise, could not be accepted in the civilized world as , again , it went against the UN charter. Interestingly, if this right was going to be allowed to be exercised by the people in that country itself, the consequences would be unimaginably disastrous for Pakistan as it would get split and sliced into , at least four more different countries , the fact of coming into being of Bangladesh should put at rest any further rabble-rousing by Pakistan in Kashmir . Its agents, puppets and obsequious followers in Kashmir are counted on fingers who too are fully exposed and unmasked before the people. It would be advisable for Pakistan to stop forthwith state sponsored terrorism and behave like a civilized neighbour and avoid daydreaming about Kashmir.


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