Pakistan’s fugitives

Pakistan has recently declared General Musharraf a fugitive but at the same time Musharraf shamelessly says in an interview that Dawood, most wanted by India, might be residing somewhere in Pakistan. In the same breath Musharraf says that Hafiz Syed is not a terrorist but is a humanist helping Kashmiris for their independence.  How ridiculous and shameless are the rulers of Pakistan? The character of Pakistan is insensitive. And at the same time the spokespersons of Pakistani Government and Pakistani rulers behave as jokers from time to time. Everybody knows Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan,  was assassinated due to the power game but Pakistan gave the notion to the world that Bhutto was hanged till death for criminal cases. And everything is recorded in the book ‘If I Were Assassinated’ written by Bhutto himself in the jail.
Now take the case of Nawaz Sharief. He  was also a fugitive for many years in the name of self-exile. And then comes back seeing the circumstances somewhat favourable and becomes the Prime Minister. Pakistani rulers and Pakistani Army is unanimous and stagnant in only one philosophy and that is to injure India. And unfortunately on this side self styled messiahs are advocating to have talks with a country that has a roguish character. How condemnable?
Yours etc…..
Ramesh Kumar


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