Pak to refer 54 cases to military courts

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan’s southwestern province of Balochistan has referred 54 terror-related cases to military courts that were set up in the aftermath of the Peshawar school massacre that left 150 people dead, mostly children.

Provincial Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani said the selected cases include 19 related to the banned Tehreek-i- Taliban Afghanistan, 18 to banned sectarian militant group Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and 17 to Sipah-i-Muhammad.

The provincial apex committee, which is responsible for implementation of the National Action Programme against terrorism, will forward the cases to the federal government for a final decision, the Dawn reported.

The mercy petitions of 14 convicted militants were pending with the federal government and the provincial government had requested it to reject the petitions, Durrani said.

Earlier, the federal government had decided to send about half a dozen cases to military courts for trial.

Pakistan army announced the setting up of nine military courts in the country to hold speedy trials of terrorists on January 9, two days after the constitutional amendment to establish such courts.

The decision to set up the military courts was taken by political parties after pressure mounted on the government and army to take solid action against militants in the wake of the horrific Peshawar school attack. (AGENCIES)


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