Outdated UN resolutions

On the one hand, Pakistan  Government pledges to bring Indo-Pak relations back on rails by holding meetings, and initiating confidence building measures, on the other hand it goes to the  UN and rakes up Kashmir issue.
Pakistan is trying its best to internationalise Kashmir issue now and then, but it  never succeeded in doing so, and will never succeed in the future also.
India has off and on told Pakistan that UN resolutions have become outdated and these can’t be factored in resolving the Kashmir issue. Even the world body recognised that these  resolutions have become outdated.
Pakistan should be quite pragmatic in resolving the issue, and it should not waste time and energy on these outdated and irrelevant resolutions. Much time has passed since then, and it is certain that these will bring no solution to the vexed problem.
Pakistan and India should come forward  with new ideas and confidence building measures to take the relation between to new heights.
Yours etc….
Sushil Kr Sharma
Sainik Colony, Jammu


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