Organic Farming

There is increasing evidence that chemical based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health. Conventional farming relies largely on chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides which are harmful to human health and birds and animal kingdom too. These toxic pesticides enter the food supply chain, penterate water, harm the livestock, deplete the soil and devastate our eco-system profoundly. They  also contaminate the foods grown for people.
It is not only this, artificial chemical preservatives have added fuel to the fire. Eating organic  food that ensures us  better health. Genetically modified food is harmful for our health and try not go for its use. If our farmer community goes for organic farming and does not go for chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the cultivation of various crops, our eco-system will not be desturbed. Our farmers need to learn healthy farming, using natural manures in raising crops. This will increase our production and enrich our soil in the fields. Nutrient value will go up. Organic food if produced will be all pure, safe and rich. Organic vegetables and fruits are nourshing, great in taste and are enjoyed well. Our farmers are backbone of our society. We have to work for the well being of our farmers so that they could deliver organic foods.  It is not late for the Govt to rise to the occasion and encourage our farmers for organic agriculture.
Yours etc….
S N Raina


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