Oppn parties should have welcomed demonetisation: Shah

Shah dubs SP, BSP, Cong as 'poisonous snakes'
Shah dubs SP, BSP, Cong as 'poisonous snakes'

DEHRADUN: Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for demonetising high value notes, BJP president Amit Shah today described it as a major blow to hoarders of black money and wondered why the Congress, SP, BSP and AAP were crying over a move they should have welcomed.
“Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes is a courageous and historic step taken by Narendra Modi government. With one stroke of a pen Modiji has destroyed black money worth lakhs and crores of rupees being used to fund terrorist activities. Those sitting over heaps of black money have been made destitute with just one stroke of a pen.
“Tell me shouldn’t all political parties hail this step? But how will they? They are also in trouble. All they hoarded over the years has been destroyed too,” Shah said while addressing a rally before flagging off the party’s Parivartan Yatra in Uttarakhand.
He said people understand very well why there is commotion in the Congress, BSP, SP and AAP ranks in the wake of the Centre’s crackdown on black money.
“I want to ask these parties where exactly does it hurt them? Why are you so agitated Rahulji? What is amiss? People know everything,” he said.
Advising Rahul Gandhi to stop projecting himself as a sympathiser of the crowds queueing up outside banks following the Centre’s demonetisation move, Shah said the Congress vice president should not to try to mislead the people.
“Rahul Gandhi went in a car worth Rs 4 crore to exchange Rs four thousand in a bank a couple of days back. Who were you trying to fool Rahul ji? You should at least have taken a cheaper vehicle for the purpose,” he said.
Stating that each BJP worker stood in sympathy with the people inconvenienced by the demonetisation move, Shah appealed to them to see the larger picture and swallow the bitter pill in national interest as it was a big blow to black marketeers and hawala operators. (agencies)


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