Opening of new colleges

Refer news item, 11 new colleges from ensuing session’ DE April 13.
The Education Department deserves appreciation for according sanction for establishing 11 new Government Degree Colleges in the State from the ensuing academic session 2018-19.
The new colleges will give a big boost to education sector, particularly in the areas where these are to be opened. The students of these areas will certainly feel relaxed, and can pursue their academic career without involving much money and wastage of time. However, one remains quite skeptical over their proper functioning.
It has been reported that the colleges that were opened during the previous PDP-Congress Coalition Government, do not function properly due to shortage of staff and infrastructure. Some of these colleges do not have their own buildings. Shortage of staff in these colleges created inconveniences to students who had to struggle a lot to move ahead.
Hope, the Education Department may have taken cognizance of these shortcomings before opening these colleges.
Yours etc…
Veer Singh


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