One more video surfaces in Gurdaspur terror attack

As investigators continued their probe into Monday’s terror strike, one more video surfaced today showing three armed men in combat uniforms walking on a road, minutes before the attack on police station here.
“The CCTV footage shows the three terrorists walking on road in army fatigues with arms and backpacks on July 27 at 4.59 am,” officials said.
The images were captured by a shop different from the one whose CCTV had caught them separately. Those images had surfaced yesterday, showing three men, wearing Army fatigues, having big backpacks and carrying AK assault rifles, walking away from the camera on a road at 4:55 a.M.
Meanwhile, the two GPS devices recoverd from the slain terrorists are being examined minutely by forensic experts to get some concrete information regarding the plot and those behind the attack, officials said.
Preliminary probe suggests that the attackers came from Pakistan and belonged to LeT terror outfit, the officials said.
All the three militants were killed in the 12-hour-long gun battle with the police and elite commandos of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT).
Police sources said a night vision device, believed to have been left behind by the Gurdaspur attackers on the railway track, had US marking. (AGENCIES)


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