Omar slams critics,asks why can’t we praise PM’s excellent speech

SRINAGAR, Nov 13: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today took on critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech to British Parliamentarians asking “why cannot we take pride” in the excellent speech made by him.
“The Indian PM made an excellent speech to British MPs in their Parliament. Why can’t we just take pride in that?,” Omar said in response to a tweet on a Twitter account which claims to be a handle for Congress volunteers.
“PM didn’t address joint session of parliament, but a speech to MPs in the royal gallery. Yeh Jhoot bhi pakda gaya (this lie has also been caught),” the volunteer handle, @withCongress, had tweeted.
The former Chief Minister remarked on some of the questions asked of the Prime Minister saying it would be safe to assume that the British press was not “advised” about the questions to be asked.
“I think we can safely assume that the British press was not ‘advised’ about what to ask & what not to. Some very hard hitting questions!,” he said.
However, he made it clear that second part of the question asked by the British newspaper ‘Guardian’ was “disrespectful” towards the Prime Minister.
“The second part of the @guardian question to PM Modi was rather disrespectful to say the least,” he said.
The Guardian reporter had asked Modi about protests on the streets of London saying he did not deserve the respect that would normally be accorded to the leader of the world’s largest democracy given his record as Gujarat Chief Minister. (PTI)


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