Old walls posing risk to people

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 18:   The walls of an old and partially broken house are posing risk to the  lives of people, specially the children in the vicinity of Ploura in Jammu, while people of locality and also the house owners have  turned blind eye towards this serious issue.
Interestingly, this old structure, which is at the verge of collapse any time, is hardly 50  meters  away from the   house of a public representative on Ploura-BSF Campus Road. Though Jammu Municipal Corporation’s  Khilafwarzi staff,  dealing with building constructions keeps hawks’ eye on any illegal and unauthorized construction of shops or any other structure within  Municipal area, they too did not take any serious note of the issue,  which is posing a threat to the lives of the people of this locality.
This structures can collapse anytime and is lying in the same condition  for the last several years. A few locals claimed to have asked the owners to dismantle it themselves but they are adamant for its disposal. It is hoped that District Administration and JMC authorities would arise to the occasion and act swiftly to prevent any possible casualty in near future.


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