Oil prices end quiet in thin trade

NEW DELHI, Sept 29: Quiet conditions prevailed in the wholesale oils and oilseeds market today as prices moved in a narrow range on alternate bouts of trading and settled around previous levels.
Traders said adequate stocks position against sporadic demand mainly kept edible and non-edible oil prices steady.
The following were today’s quotations per quintal: Oilseeds: Mustardseed 2,950-3,050 and Groundnut Seed 2,150-2,900.
Vanaspati Ghee (15-litre tin) 1,100-1,250.
Edible oils: Groundnut Mill Delivery (Gujarat) 11,800, Groundnut Solvent Refined (per tin) 1,900-1,950, Mustard expeller (Dadri) 8,100, Mustard Pakki Ghani (per tin) 1,200-1,340, Mustard Kachi Ghani (per tin) 1,355-1,455, Sunflower 6,300, Sesame Mill Delivery 8,550, Soybean Refined Mill Delivery (Indore) 7,450, Soyabean Degum (Kandla) 7,050, Crude Palm Oil (Ex-Kandla) 7,250, Cottonseed Mill Delivery (Haryana) 7,050, Palmolein (RBD) Rs 7,550, Palmolein (Kandla) 7,100, Rice Bran (phy) 3,800 and Coconut(per tin) 1,300-1,350.
Non-edible oils: Linseed 5,650, Mahuwa 4,000, Castor 8,550-8,650, Neem 4,500-4,600, Rice Bran 3,280-3,380 and Palm Fatty 3,225-3,300.
Oilcakes: Groundnut Dehusk 800-850, Sesame 950-1,150, Mustard (New) 1,000-1,025, Mustard 1,200-1,210 and Cottonseed 1,075-1,175. (PTI)


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