Oil Companies Reduce Price Of 19 Kg Commercial And 5 Kg FTL Cylinders

New Delhi, Apr 1: Oil marketing companies reduced the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinders and 5 kg FTL (Free Trade LPG) cylinders, said sources.
The price has been reduced by Rs 30.50 for a 19-kg commercial cylinder. From April 1, the price in Delhi has been fixed at 1764.50, said sources.

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The price of the 5kg FTL cylinder has been decreased by Rs 7.50.
On March 1, oil marketing companies announced a hike in the prices of commercial liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) gas cylinders. This revision in prices came during the fluctuations in fuel costs and market dynamics.
On February 1, the prices of Indane gas cylinders varied across metro cities, with Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai each having distinct rates.
However, with the advent of March 1, consumers witnessed a notable increase in the prices of Indane LPG gas cylinders across all metro cities.
While the precise reasons behind the price decrease remain undisclosed, various factors, such as changes in international oil prices, shifts in taxation policies, and supply-demand dynamics, likely contribute to such adjustments.
The consecutive revisions emphasise the volatile nature of the energy market and its implications for households and businesses reliant on commercial LPG cylinders. (Agencies)