Odisha rail station gets water from air to tackle drinking water woes

NEW DELHI: A railway station in a hilly, tribal-dominated area of Odisha is plucking water from the air to tackle its drinking water woes, an official of the East Coast Railway said today, stressing that it was the first such experiment in the rail network.

Because of the uneven terrain in Rauli, 460 km from state capital Bhubaneswar, the station authorities had found it difficult to ensure a regular supply of drinking water. Attempts to drill a tubewell at the station had not yielded any results, the official said.

During an inspection in March this year, East Coast Railways General Manager Umesh Singh suggested the station try out a machine called the atmospheric moisture extractor to harvest water.

“An atmospheric moisture extractor draws air from the atmosphere and the air is passed over a condenser so that vapour is transformed into water due to heat exchange,” East Coast Railways (ECoR) Chief Public Relations Officer J P Mishra told reporters. (AGENCIES)


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