NRIs’ vote

There is a large Indian Diaspora in some of the foreign countries especially UK, USA, Australia and the Gulf States. Most of them have retained their Indian nationality and passport despite staying in their countries of work for a long time. Government of India has designated them as Non Resident Indians or briefly NRIs. The fact is that Indian Diaspora or the NRIs are politically very active and they keep themselves abreast of what is happening in home country. They are closely linked with their kith and kin and friends and colleagues back in India and pay them occasional visits.  They are virtual links between home country and the countries of their new residence and work. It has to be reminded that they are keenly interested in the political and economic life of the home country because of their close links. Bestowing the nomenclature of NRIs on them meant that some facilities were available to the constitution of India which they have been enjoying.
However, the NRIs have filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India saying that they should given the right of voting in Parliamentary and State Legislative Assemblies by postal or e-ballot as in the case of the soldiers of Indian defence ministry. In response to the call of the Supreme Court, the Government of India has requested the SC to defer decision on the case because the Indian Government intended to bring a bill in the next session of the Parliament seeking its approval to the right of vote for the NRIs. The Modi Government has already indicated its willingness to concede the right for the NRIs and even the Election Commission of India has also supported the proposal. It means that in all probability, the Government will table the bill in the Parliament and hopefully it will be passed.
We find it a very genuine demand of the NRIs and fully support the right to vote for Parliamentary and Assembly elations either by ballot or by e-balloting whatever convenient to them and the Election Commission of India.


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