Notorious criminal

The laxity of law enforcing apparatus could be the important cause of proliferation of crime in Jammu. Secondly, influx of a large number of outsiders into Jammu as labaourers and skilled workers has added to crime graph because the police do not know the antecedents of these migratory labourers nor have the police kept any record of their presence at different localities in the region. With accelerated economic activities, the number of bad elements also has increased. As the authorities rarely invoke punitive measures, the criminal elements have a field day. The case of  a criminal, who has escaped twice from the jail is an example in sight. He is accused of murdering his mother and escaping from two imprisonments. The legal system in our country is tardy and slow like a snail. It appears that the police might have connived at his escape; otherwise, there should be no reason for the police to be duped by such a hardcore criminal.
A thorough inquiry has to be ordered into this case and the entire drama needs unfolding. Soft paddling with a criminal sets a bad precedence and others want to derive mileage from it. We, therefore entreat the police department to arrest him up as soon as possible and impress upon the court of law to move fast in adjudging his case.


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