Not running away from image of a ‘serial-kisser’: Emraan

MUMBAI, Sept 16:  He has over the years carried the image of a ‘serial kisser’ and actor Emraan Hashmi says the audience does find it difficult to disassociate him with that tag.
The actor, who shot to fame with his breakthrough role in “Murder” in 2004, is no mood to run away from the image.
“I am not running away from that image (serial kisser). But may be audience is finding it difficult to disassociate myself from that. They can’t believe when we say it is a family film with my presence. It definitely is a problem,” he told PTI.
“Once you have that stamp of serial kisser, you can waiver a little bit, experiment with different characters, but there is something that people love you for,” he added.
Emraan feels of all the characters he has played, the one with shades of grey have always stood out and made a place in audiences heart.
“It is not just the kisses. It is the irreverential, immoral characters that I’ve played. The love-able negative characters which have grey shades, they are endearing. So that’s what they associate with me.”
The 37-year-old star is aware that kisses in his films are talked about and he can never shy away from that.
Emraan, however, also feels people talk about it even if there aren’t any kissing scenes in his film.
“I can never run away from that and now I choose not to. If it has to be there, it should be. I do it and get done with it. Because even if it is not there, there is a conversation about the kiss. So there is no running away from the kiss, I’ve realised that.”
His latest movie “Raaz Reboot” releases today. (AGENCIES)


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