Not possible to provide caste population in 2 days: AIBCU

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 3: Govt of JK-UT has issued a circular to all Deputy Commissioners through Social Welfare Department, asking to send the report on or before 04-03-2024 with regard to population of the each category/caste under OBC.
This matter was discussed  threadbare in the executive meet of the All India Backward Classes Union under the chairmanship of it’s president, Abdul Majid Malik today and it was concluded that  census  done by the department of Census of India is only valid before law and census done by any department is not valid.
So population figures sent by the Revenue Department  through Deputy Commissioners  on or before March 4 that is after the 3rd day  from the date of issued letter  is never possible.
Govt issued letter on Saturday) (when Secretariat is closed and March 3 is Sunday) (all DC offices closed),  then nobody can  imagine the working of the Govt  under which  this type of census would be possible.
Govt time and again has gone to Supreme Court of India against the caste census, then from where the figures of different castes population will come out.
The letter was issued on Saturday and next day was Sunday and report is required on or before 4th of March the whole process would take three days including the date of issue of the letter. It is not possible to complete the process in just two days.
All the speakers and participants termed this type of population  survey  a big fraudulent act by the Govt against the OBCs. Census takes months together  to get the correct figures. How Govt can get the correct population figures.
The participants  explained that such figures if DCs send to the Govt would be  altogether a false data and this data (Census) would be challengeable in the Court of Law as Revenue Department has no authority for such type of census.
Govt should have got this census done by the department of Census of India, the only  authorised authority for the census.
So all the speakers and participants appealed the Govt to implement the decided 27% due share by the Supreme Court of India in first go  which is too based on the 1931 census which is applicable through out the country.