‘No political motive’ behind FS’ removal: BJP

NEW DELHI : Defending the move to replace Sujatha Singh as Foreign Secretary, BJP today ruled out any political motive and said the government had acted well within its right to decide on appointment of officers.

“I don’t see any reason for hue and cry. A government is within its rights to decide how it would like to appoint what officers and with what responsibilities. And this is not the first time….. Preceding governments have taken (such) decisions,” BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli said.

Singh was removed late last night from the crucial post of Foreign Secretary eight months before her tenure was to end and replaced by S Jaishankar, Ambassador to the US.

“I do not see any reason that anyone can attribute any political motives. This is the right of the government,” Kohli said.

Taking on the Congress for raising questions on the decision, the BJP leader said, “The Congress party spokesperson can try to do politics or anything. In any case it does not appear that they are inspired by their leadership. That’s why their constant method seems to be trying to raise a hue and cry on issues also where there is no scope to do so.”

Kohli said there can’t be a political motive to everything.

“How can you mix it with the appointment of the Foreign Secretary? A government is within its rights to appoint any officer and this has been done by preceding governments too. There can’t be a political motive to everything,” he said. (AGENCIES)


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