No nationalist will support Cong after reading its manifesto: Yogi

BIHAR: Coming down heavily on the Congress for its promises to amend AFSPA and quash the sedition law, if voted to power, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Sunday said the “hand symbol of the grand old party denotes that it was hand-in-glove with traitors”.

Addressing a rally in Sheohar Lok Sabha constituency near here, Adityanath claimed that “no nationalist or dignified person” would support the Congress or its allies having gone through its Lok Sabha poll manifesto.

“I was shocked to see the Congress manifesto. It said that the party will do away with the sedition law and amend AFSPA, the law which gives special power to the army in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast states. It seems ‘Congress ka hath hai deshdrohiyon ke sath’ (Cong has extended its hand to the traitors of this country),” he insisted. (AGENCIES)


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