No Kashmiri crosses to the other side of LoC, 11 guests from POK arrive in Kashmir

SRINAGAR :  Not even a single Kashmiri crossed over to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) while 11 guests from across the Line of Control (LoC) arrived at Kaman post, the last Indian military post on this side of the border.
Meanwhile, 19 returnees also crossed sides at the post after crossing the Aman Setu, peace bridge on foot this afternoon.
Official sources said 11 POK residents, including two women and two children, arrived here to meet their relatives, separated in 1947 due to partition.
They said three Kashmiris, including a woman, who had gone to POK returned to their homes after completing stay across the border.
No resident of Kashmir crossed to other side of the LoC this week. However, 16 POK residents, who had come here in previous Karvan-e-Aman buses, also returned to their homes after completing their stay here.
The service, started on April 7,2005 has helped thousands of families, divided in 1947, to meet each other after India and Pakistan agreed to allow travel of state subjects on both sides of the line on permits instead of international passport. (AGENCIES)


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