No genuine Indian citizen will be victimised in NRC exercise

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday defended the NRC exercise in Assam and said no genuine Indian citizen will be victimised.
No country tolerates illegal immigrants, he said at the ‘India Today Conclave East 2018’ here.
He added that there is no controversy in Assam over the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the state was going through the process peacefully.
“The process is on. Nothing will be done against the law of the land. We are following the constitutional process. There are several bridges to cross,” Madhav, who is also the BJP’s in-charge of the Northeast, said.
“The process is being monitored on a daily basis by the Supreme Court”, he said.
Asked whether the NRC exercise will take place in West Bengal, as has been hinted by some BJP leaders, he said, “The NRC, as on date, is limited to Assam. Let us complete the process”.
He said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, a former MP, had raised the issue of infiltration in Parliament and stated that the erstwhile Left Front government was using the infiltrators as vote bank.
Asked about the deporting Rohingya Muslims, he said, “We don’t see religion in everything. There are Hindu Rohingyas as well. We will deport the Rohingyas”. (PTI)


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