Nicole Kidman wanted kids ‘from a very early age’

LONDON, Dec 13:  Actress Nicole Kidman says she wanted to have children from very young age and always knew she would adopt.
The 49-year-old actress had adopted Isabella, 23, and Connor, 20, with her former partner Tom Cruise, and has biological daughters Faith, five, and Sunday Rose, eight, with her husband Keith Urban.
“I always knew I’d adopt, I just always wanted a child. I think from a very early age, I wanted a child. I knew that I was going to have a child and that it didn’t matter [how], I actually didn’t know if I was ever going to give birth to a child. So that was the least of it for me. And what I did first was adopt,” Kidman said.
The actress, who is currently starring in “Lion,” a movie about a young boy who gets lost and ends up being adopted by an Australian couple, said she took on the role because she could relate to the story about the “bond between a mother and a child,” reported Female First.
“That’s what I love about this movie, and what I keep trying to say.
“Once the bond is there between a mother and a child, the biological part of it is sort of the least important part. I think when that bond forms, it’s astounding how powerful it is.” (PTI)


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