New land laws threat to Dogra land, heritage: Balbir Singh

‘BJP experimenting in J&K to win elections’

Excelsior Correspondent

BILLAWAR, Nov 1: Senior Congress leader and Ex-MLC Thakur Balbir Singh today alleged that new land laws enforced by BJP Government in J&K were threat to the Dogra land and their heritage and the people must strongly oppose and fight for their identity.
Addressing large public meeting at Billawar in memory of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and remembering her contributions to the nation, Balbir Singh condemned BJP and Union Govt for anti-Jammu policies.
“It was Indira Gandhi who kept India strong and united. Society had brotherhood, mutual respect for each other which finally contributed to the growth of the country,” said Balbir Singh and pointed out the failure of BJP Govt in J&K.
He termed new land laws as threat to Dogra land in Jammu and rich heritage of the people of Jammu.
In contrast, he said, the BJP Govt has made the nation weak and J&K a sacrificial goat to hide their failures by conducting experiments in the erstwhile Dogra State into a Union Territory.
The people are aware about the policies and hollow slogans of the BJP leaders who had promised a bright future but ended up with the narrow and dark side of their failed policies in J&K, he said.
Balbir Singh said that the Jammu Division remained the main sufferer in all this political mayhem starting with installation of Toll Plazas, no employment scope, Kandi areas without water and electricity, financial instability, insecurity among educated youth and new land laws.
“We were assured that the rights of locals will be protected. The `Jai Chands’ in BJP have sold J&K especially Dogra land who voted them to power with PDP in the erstwhile State of J&K. The downgrading of a royal state into a UT was an unjust decision and it should be reviewed,” he said.
Balbir Singh said, “The people are worried about their future, safety and security of their land and property in present day J&K under BJP rule. Such insecurity had never come in the minds of J&K who lived in security guaranteed by Maharaja Hari Singh.”
He said that developmental works have stopped. No one is listening to the people. Administration has become unapproachable for the common people, especially from rural areas.